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From Biosound Esaote, Inc.;
'The Caris Plus combines the power of a conventional mainframe ultrasound system with an extraordinarily portable design. The result? High-performance ultrasound diagnostics in the most compact, most portable CFM system available anywhere. Powerful state-of-the-art microelectronics and wide-band multi-frequency technology ensure exceptional 2D, Doppler and CFM performance that can be taken where they're needed.'

Specifications for this system will be available soon.

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Caris SpecificationsOpen this link in a new window
   by www.esaote.com    
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In 1987 Esaote SpA began marketing its products in the United States through Biosound Inc.. In 1990 Esaote SpA acquired Biosound Inc.. Biosound Esaote today also distributes the veterinarian derivates from Esaote Pie Medical in the United States.

'BIOSOUND ESAOTE is an ISO9001/EN46001 certified major medical corporation operating as part of the international Esaote Group. With its parent company, Esaote, S.p.A. based in Genoa, Italy, ISO-9000 certified research and development and manufacturing facilities in Florence and Genoa, and North American headquarters in Indianapolis, the Esaote Group develops diagnostic ultrasound and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) equipment for the worldwide medical community.'

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Technos Picus Pro
Picus 260 Corvus
Aquila Falco

Contact Information:
MAIL Biosound Esaote, Inc. 8000 Castleway Drive
Indianapolis, IN 46250
PHONE +1 800-428-4374
FAX +1 317-813-6600
E-MAIL biosound@biosound.com
ONLINE www.biosound.com


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'Pie Medical, acquired by Esaote from the Philips Group in 1998, is a Dutch group that in more than 20 years has built a reputation for providing the medical profession with high quality ultrasound systems. Pie Medical is one of the most experienced producers of scanners for the veterinary market.'

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Aquila Vet (For similar specifications see Aquila.)

Falco Vet (For similar specifications see Falco.)

Tringa Vet (For similar specifications see 50S Tringa.)

Contact Information:
MAIL Pie Medical Equipment B.V.
Philipsweg 1
6227 AJ Maastricht
The Netherlands
PHONE +31 43 3824 600
FAX +31 43 3824 601
E-MAIL info@pie.nl
ONLINE www.esaote-piemedical.com
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ESAOTE S.p.A.MRI Resource Directory:<br> - Manufacturers -

The Italian based company is a member of the Bracco Group.
In 1988 Ote-Biomedica Elettronica S.p.A. and the biomedical division of Esacontrol S.p.A. were consolidated into a single company, Esaote Biomedica S.p.A., operating as a division of IRI-Finmeccanica.
In 1987 the company began marketing its products in the United States through Biosound Inc., which it subsequently acquired in 1990.
In the 1990's, the company began to strengthen its presence in Europe, establishing Esaote Biomedica France Sarl and Esaote Biomedica Deutschland GmbH.
In July 1994 business activities and assets of Esaote Biomedica S.p.A. were transferred to the new company Esaote S.p.A.
1995-1998 the Bracco Group becoming the main Esaote shareholder with 50% of the share capital.
In February 1997, Esaote established Esaote China Ltd. located in Hong Kong, and in April 1998 acquired Pie Medical Group, based in Maastricht - The Netherlands, which primarily operates in medical diagnostic ultrasound. Esaote-Pie Medical, is exclusively dedicated to the development and marketing of veterinary diagnostic ultrasound equipment.
GE Healthcare is the exclusive U.S. distributor of devices manufactured by Esaote Biomedica.

'The Esaote Group is a global leader in research, production and marketing of medical diagnostic equipment and related services focused on solving the medical needs of our customers worldwide. With over 16% of its employees actively engaged in Research & Development, Esaote is pursuing new diagnostic technologies to be introduced in international healthcare markets.'

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For products distributed in the United States see Biosound Esaote, Inc.

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Aquila 260 Corvus
Picus Pro Picus
Caris Plus Caris
Megas CVX Megas GPX
AU5 EPI EsaTune
Technos MPX Technos MP
Technos Partner MyLab™30CV

Contact Information:
MAIL ESAOTE S.p.A. Headquarters
Via Siffredi, 58
16153 Genova
PHONE +39 010 6547 1
FAX +39 010 6547 275
E-MAIL Contact Form
ONLINE www.esaote.com

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From Biosound Esaote, Inc.;
'Portable. Caris is a high performance ultrasound system that can go where you need it. Weighing less than 35 pounds, and with a built-in carrying handle, Caris Plus can be adapted to almost any clinical environment.'

Specifications for this system will be available soon.


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Caris Family Product OverviewOpen this link in a new window
   by www.esaote.com    
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