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From Hitachi Medical Corporation (HMC), sales, marketing and service in the US by Hitachi Medical Systems America Inc.;
The HI VISION6500 - EUB-6500 high resolution digital ultrasound system offers advanced clinical imaging, enhanced operating efficiency, and remarkable clinical flexibility, all in robust and versatile configuration that simply represents a better clinical solution in a variety of real-world, real-work arenas.

Device Information and Specification
APPLICATIONS Abdominal, brachytherapy/cryotherapy, breast, cardiac, dedicated biopsy, endoscopic, intraoperative, laparoscopic, musculoskeletal, OB/GYN, pediatric, small parts, urologic, vascular
CONFIGURATION Compact system
TRANSDUCERS Five frequency (except mini-probes), low impedance, wideband
RANGE OF PROBE TYPE Linear, convex, radial, miniradial/miniprobe, biplane, phased array, echoendoscope longitudinal, echoendoscope radial
PROBE FREQUENCIES Linear: 5.0-13 MHz, convex: 2.5-7.5 MHz, phased: 2.0-7.5 MHz, sector: 2.0-7.5 MHz
IMAGING MODES Tissue Doppler imaging (TDI), pulsed wave Doppler, continuous wave Doppler, color flow imaging, power Doppler, directional power Doppler, color flow angiography, real-time Doppler measurements, 4 modes of dynamic tissue harmonic imaging (dTHI), wideband pulse inversion imaging (WPI)
IMAGING OPTIONS 3RD generation color artifact suppression
OPTIONAL PACKAGE 3D ultrasound, dual omni-directional M-mode display, steerable CW Doppler, dynamic contrast harmonics imaging, stress echo, Pentax EUS and Fujinon Mini-probe
STORAGE, CONNECTIVITY, OS Patient and image database management system, HDD, FDD, MOD, CD-ROM, Network, DICOM 3.0, Windows XP
DATA PROCESSING 12 bit gigasampling A/D for precise signal reproduction, Quadra beam processing for fast frame rates
H*W*D m (inch.) 1.40 x 0.51 x 0.79 (55 x 20 x 31)
WEIGHT 130 kg (286 lbs.)
ENVIRONMENTAL POLLUTION 4096 btu/hr heat output
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Hitachi Medical Systems America, Inc. (HMSA) provides a complete range of ultrasound-based systems covering the entire spectrum from compact black and white systems at entry price level up to premium class systems for the most demanding users. As a full-line supplier of medical imaging equipment in Japan, Hitachi Medical Corporation (HMC) founded HMSA to provide a direct link to the U.S. marketplace. Hitachi consolidates his distribution channels in the US by transferring the Hitachi line of Ultrasound products to HMSA in October of 2002. HMSA is responsible for the sales, marketing and service of all Hitachi Ultrasound products in the United States.

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EUB-525 CFM EUB-2000 B/W (Dop)
Hi Vision™ 5500
Hi Vision6500
Hi Vision™ 8500

Contact Information:
MAIL Hitachi Medical Systems America, Inc.
1959 Summit Commerce Park
Twinsburg, Ohio 44087 USA
PHONE +1-800-800-3106
FAX +1-330-425-1410
ONLINE www.hitachimed.com
CONTACT INFO PAGE www.hitachimed.com/contact

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